Frequently asked questions

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What are BitRook's system requirements?
For Windows you will need Windows 10 or Windows 11 to run.
For Mac you will need Mac OS X Big Sur (11.4+) to run (Intel or Apple Silicon).
BitRook does some special handling of large data files, but depending on the amount of data you are cleaning you may need more memory to clean the data.
What file formats can BitRook read?
BitRook can read CSV files (utf-8), JSON files, and Parquet files. If you would like support for additional file formats, please add them to our roadmap and vote on them.
Can BitRook clean large files?
BitRook has special handling of data sets that are larger than 500 MB. BitRook samples the data for analytics and generates python code that handles large data sets more efficiently. The only limiting factor is your computer's memory. You can move the python code generated to a server with more resources to accomplish cleaning large data sets if your computer doesn't have the resources necessary.
On Windows I am getting a "Windows protected your PC" notification
Sometimes Windows doesn't recognize new applications, simply click "More Info" link and then click "Run anyway" button.
BitRook isn't able to start up
Sometimes this can happen if BitRook's server can't start up. We have a troubleshooting video that can help you get it up and running.
There is a lightning icon in some parts of the app, what is that?
BitRook gives you a lot of amazing features for free, but some features require you to Go Pro to unlock. This lock icon tells you what features you can unlock when you Go Pro.
Is the data I am cleaning safe or is it sent anywhere?
Your data is all safe and sound. BitRook loads a local server to keep your data only on your machine and never leaves your machine.
Are you able to see my data or track anything?
We aren't able to see any of your data, the only tracking we do on the BitRook app is tracking page views within the app to know what features are being used for future development.
Will the python script BitRook generates always work?
Its possible to use BitRook to generate a Python script that throws and error while cleaning. We will let you know if there was an error cleaning and give you the script to debug. Generating the script will save you lots of time.
Can you help me fix my script?
If you need help with your script, are a Pro subscriber and are comfortable sharing a sample of your data with us then we can help. Just contact our support so we can work through the issue.