Less time cleaning
More time creating insights

AI-Assisted data cleaning desktop app that helps identify dirty data points, recommend standardizations methods and generates Python code for automation and customization.

A faster way to clean data

Stop wasting time with tedious data processing, let AI do the hard work.

AI that helps you profile and
prep your data

Let AI profile your data, find any issues, recommend ways to clean your data without a line of code and get to your next task fast.

Profile your data and find issues in seconds
Profile each column and let AI find the issues for you. Everything from quantile statistics like median, maximum and minimum to identifying outliers.
AI-Driven detection of data types
Let AI sample your data and determine the type of data it is. Anything from dates, emails, addresses to lat/long - we got it covered.
Automatic Cleaning Recommendations
All the common and best-of-breed cleaning and standardization for each data type. Just select what you want from the dropdown, see how it would clean your sample in seconds.
Split, Add Labels, extract and parse columns with a click
Dozens of lines of code is now just a click away - split and parse columns, convert columns to labels for ML, extract strings.

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Cleaning Without Code

Don't spend time coding, googling commands, reading documentation - instead let BitRook clean for you and generate the code for you.

10x faster than coding
In a head-to-head test BitRook was 10x faster than coding the same script. Blaze through your data cleaning so you can work on creating insights.
Visualize your data fast, even if its large
If charts make more sense to you than a print statement BitRook is for you. Explore data, finding predictive data and standardize with just a few clicks.
Best-of-breed tools without the docs
Use all the best-of-breed tools and libraries without a single pip install or reading another libraries documentation.
Code Generation

Explore Data

In order to clean data and draw insights its best to start with understanding the data. In seconds see distribution charts, outliers, in-depth statistics and even visually BIN to a new column.

Inbox user interface


Privacy is Paramount and we know keeping your data private and secure is critical. With BitRook your data never leaves your system.

Stays on your machine
BitRook runs a server on your machine with all the best-of-breed data science tools packaged in. We did this so your data never needs to be uploaded for analysis.
PII and beyond
We know the data you are working with can be the most sensitive data for your business, so we help identify PII data in data sets so you can handle it appropriately.
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AI helps businesses in huge ways everyday. With BitRook ML models highlight common issues, identify PII, find Predictive Power Scores for each data point, recommend standardizations and more while you go through cleaning.

AI Assisted Data Cleaning

Generate to automate

Don't spend thousands of dollars on tools that lock you in to using them. Instead get a fully written Python script to automate your data cleaning.

Python Cleaning Script
Get a well documented, easy to read Python script that cleans your data exactly how you set it. Need to customize your automation? No problem take the code and customize away.
Data Validation
Get a pydantic based data validation script customized to exactly your data automatically generated with a click.
Split for ML
Split your data with just a select to get your training data and testing data randomly split to follow best practices.
Low-Code Generation

Predictive Power With A Click

Automatic Predictive Power Scores

BitRook will analyze your data and identify which data points in your data set have an above average Predictive Power Score (PP Score) which helps in identifying linear or non-linear relationships between two columns.

Correlation With Ease

Easily see a list of data points in your data set that have correlation in either Pearson, Kendall, or Spearman methods.